Mirrors & Higher Margins

While retail consumers know the simplehuman brand well, business prospects did not, especially in the highly profitable luxury hospitality sector. We introduced “simplehuman hospitality” to decision makers through trade shows, e-blasts, videos, events, social and trade PR. simplehuman gained greater awareness after the campaign and reported a significant increase in sales over the previous year.


Mirrors are the last thing on busy luxury hoteliers’ minds during the holidays. This video playfully reminded them of simplehuman for future needs.

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With just a few stills and a very, very modest budget, we introduced simplehuman’s new brass finish to key decision makers in the luxury hospitality sector.

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Hospitality designers told us repeatedly how much they loved the sleek style of simplehuman products—and yet, they believed simplehuman was solely a consumer brand. We built a separate landing page and support materials, created an ongoing email drip campaign and grew their hospitality database to more than 5,000 key decision makers at luxury hotels and design firms throughout the U.S.


Tradeshows are a big part of simplehuman’s marketing arsenal, so it’s no surprise this magnificent booth – also a shipping container – won dozens of creative awards and attracted thousands of show attendees.