Key learning from museum-goers

Key learning from museum-goers

We routinely research frequent and occasional museum-goers who tell us things they might not tell you. Some of this might validate your current assumptions. And some might be new.   


1. While you’re focused on culture, art, history or science, you’re in the business of connectivity. Survey respondents told us their attraction to a museum goes way beyond art, history, or literature. Your patrons’ interests rest more fully on dancing, mingling, food, and interaction. It’s about experiencing not observing. 


2. With all due respect to established media channels, Word of Mouth is still a key driver of attendance. Buzz matters.


3. Be sure to maintain a lapsed member strategy. Sometimes members leave for unavoidable and unfixable reasons [relocation].  Sometimes it just takes just a little extra TLC to win them back. A good starting point is to have an online automated exit interview to better understand their reason for defection.


4.  The word used least in assessing art, culture, and literary institutions is “fun.” A common perception is everything is overly planned, structured, pre-ordained – a general lack of spontaneity/surprise. Clearly, the job of curating, organizing, arranging and hosting requires structure. But finding room for the unexpected will interest your younger visitors most. A pop up event or a surprise attraction can be newsworthy and traffic building.


If you’re interested in more findings from our studies, feel free to drop a line.

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