Are you listening?

Are you listening? It’s said that 85% of what we know we get from listening.  So why don’t we listen more carefully and purposefully? Maybe because we’re distracted, or worse, so focused on what we want to say we’re too busy to listen. According to we’re preoccupied about 75% of the time so even […]

Wish I Had a Moment to Think

Wish I Had a Moment to Think If you’re working from home, there are no more hallway chit chat, office interruptions, meetings on the fly. Working hard, but with fewer distractions, working more efficiently. We can finally find the time to lean back and think. Oops. Turns out working Americans don’t like thinking. The American […]

Managing your C-Suite engagements.

Whether you’re a small company in which you are the C-Suite; a larger enterprise with a CEO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO; or you’re aiming your mar-com messages at C-level executives, it’s important to recognize that this is a crucial audience. Recognize it and prepare accordingly. Engaging the C-level is simply not the same as dealing […]