Think of us as your hospitality GPS

Hospitality is a complicated, extended purchase cycle, business; multiple purchase influences, the power of incumbency, layers of restriction and regulation. With nearly two decades of experience in the category, and successful use of lead generation and relationship building channels, we can get you through the maze to your best prospects.  Here are a couple of recent examples of how we helped two very well known clients successfully navigate the category, and generate sales.


simplehuman designs everything from voice activated trash cans to motion sensor makeup mirrors. While they have a strong consumer foothold, they wanted a greater presence in hospitality. We set out to show the hospitality industry how simplehuman could elevate their hotel guests’ experience, driving decision makers to simplehuman’s booth at one of the year’s biggest hospitality shows, through inbound and outbound digital marketing.

simplehuman Brass Finish Introduction
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simplehuman Holiday Greeting
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PSAV Video Card

A textbook example of how paid communications can energize the sales process. PSAV asked us to support their sales team’s efforts to open a conversation with a more resistant prospect: general managers of large, locally owned, prestige hotels representing large meeting and event revenue potential. The Miller Group created a series of staged mailings to bypass administrative gatekeepers and sufficiently intrigue prospects to learn more from a PSAV sales rep. The program generated a 15% response, dozens of qualified leads and ‘love letters’ to marketing from the PSAV sales team and potential customers who received the campaign.

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Inspiration Cafe – MPI Las Vegas
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