Food & Consumer Packaged Goods

Getting consumers to fall in love with your brand.

The consumer packaged goods category is congested, noisy and competitive. Winning can be decided by hundredths of a share point.  And, we love it. Because this is a category that knows the difference between a product and a brand, a category where buyers are anonymous, and the transactions private. And, a category where falling in or out of love with a brand can happen in an instant. Our job is to make sure consumers fall in love with your brand, stay in love, and tell everyone in their network to do the same.


Niche Japanese snack food brand Pocky had an ambitious goal: increase sales and brand awareness in the U.S. without digital or traditional media buys. To do this, we recommended using brand ambassadors, street teams and free samples to take Pocky on a cross-country road trip to “Share Happiness.” The effort contributed to a sales increase of more than 20% for the chocolate-coated biscuit sticks.

Pocky truck parked at curb with people around it.
Pocky brand ambassador at truck with customer.

LK Packaging used the power of its newest product, sustainable cooking bags, to build retail grocery clients’ grab ‘n go business. We created the name, logo, trade ads and a complete marketing program for retailers including social media plans, in-store support materials and a consumer website. Ready. Chef. Go! launched in the highly profitable store perimeter and retailers increased their seafood, meat and produce sales by as much as 40%.

Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bag packaging in supermarket.
Ready. Chef. Go! magazine ad featuring meals.

We branded this 1950s, regional retro brand with digital media, PR, and OOH – and Annabelle enjoyed double-digit sales increases and expanded, national distribution.

rocky-graphic (1)
rocky-graphic (2)
rocky-graphic (3)

Healthy Chinese. The in-store poster says it all for this Los Angeles based boutique restaurant chain with a bit of a cult following.