Financial Services

New ideas need champions.

Gaining competitive advantage is a challenge in a category whipsawed by regulation, margin contraction, and a cynical consumer. Our demonstrated success in retail banking, card processing, and commercial banking comes from experience in understanding the nature of the relationship customers have with their bank, and the importance of customer segmentation in creating communications that lead to relationships.

Branding a credit union.

Centra, one of Indiana’s largest credit unions, focuses on helping members manage their finances. By doing so, every day people are able to start a business, buy a home or get a car.  To capture Centra’s community-driven commitment to helping members get ahead financially, we created this :60 branding spot with a simple message: start right here.


When you’re one of the largest credit unions in the state, incremental growth is a challenge. So when Centra Credit Union asked us to develop a branding campaign aimed at millennials, whose knowledge of credit unions is limited, we needed to find a universal message that was both engaging and relevant. People in their 20s and early 30s share certain values. They appreciate authenticity and transparency. But they often have trouble “adulting” – or keeping it all together.

Centra’s new multi-platform campaign – including digital, social, experiential and outdoor – acknowledges this struggle. And provides young people a real solution: dozens of products and services to start them on their way to financial independence.