DailyAdBrief Marketing Champion Renee Miller

Congratulations to Renee Miller, founder and CEO of The Miller Group Marketing Los Angeles, for being featured in the DailyAdBrief Marketing Champions program. Thank you to Howard Wolpoff for hosting such a great conversation about the evolution of marketing and the importance of understanding your clients! Check out the interview!

Changing the business narrative

Sustainable Brands’ mission is to “…inspire, engage, and equip business leaders and practitioners to turn social and environmental challenges into drivers of brand innovation, value creation, and positive impact.” In the beginning, the focus was on helping guide and nudge sustainability and CSR leaders to see that they could be a more strategic asset to […]

Four Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability, at its core, reaches across different areas of our work. So when we say we’re advocates for sustainable brands, we mean a variety of things. It’s helpful to think of our goals in terms of four “pillars”: Environmental: this one clicks in for most of us. We all know the importance of protecting natural […]

Changing the narrative around recycling

Innovation goes by a lot of names – fresh thinking, change and disruption. Somebody, somewhere thought: “There has to be a better way.” PreZero found a way to turn damaged and expired organic foods from supermarkets into animal feed – a more efficient form of diversion than the two more common methods of food waste […]

Sustainability: What’s in it for the consumer?

Companies are quick to crow about their sustainability initiatives. The plans are bold, the commitments sincere, the costs probably staggering. But how can we make all those changes relevant to the customer? A study found that while about two-thirds of consumers believe we are reaching an environmental tipping point sustainable purchasing behavior has actually decreased […]

5 ways to craft an authentic sustainability message

Being sustainable is a good thing to do on its own, but the marketing benefits are diminished if your brand can’t effectively communicate the message. Here are five effective ways for your brand to let consumers know about your corporate commitment to sustainability. Be inspiring. Climate change and other environmental issues seem overwhelming to a […]

4 ways to make your organization regenerative.

Here are five ways your business can be regenerative and make the world a better place environmentally, socially, and economically. Think beyond the product. Last year, the Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles, California achieved Regenerative Organic Certified status with the Regenerative Organic Alliance. They thought beyond just making wine and considered the whole: employees, […]