Purpose Driven Branding is Here to Stay

Just as we’re now debating the separation of church and state, so too we’re seeing CMO’s weighing in on whether or not to take an open social or political stance. It’s been common practice that brands stick to their knitting and focus on core business issues.  But that’s changed. Purpose-driven branding and messaging is here […]

Skills Emphasized in CEO Job Listings

Check out your this graphic we thought was too interesting not to share. I know we have all wondered what makes CEO’s qualified, so take a look! Turns out some of us might have what it takes to run a giant public company: social skills. CEOs with such skills are increasingly in demand, finds a new […]

Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Certification

It’s official! The Association of National Advertisers has included The Miller Group – a woman-owned boutique agency – in its directory of diverse suppliers. The list, now totaling 212 entries, includes agencies and media, production, promotion, and research companies and was launched in July 2020 following an ANA report, “The Power of Supplier Diversity.” That […]

The science of false memories

Excited to share some thoughts on the ‘Mandela Effect’ and the science of false memories. Take a read! For marketers – who are often riveted on brand awareness- here’s a reason to be equally concerned with brand familiarity:the Mandela Effect. The theory of misremembering. It first surfaced in 2010 when thousands of people falsely remembered […]

Salesforce Nonprofit Summit 2022

The Miller Group was proud to be a part of the Salesforce 2022 Nonprofit Summit that took place May 17th and May 18th. It was a pleasure to witness the amazing work that Chef Jose Andres is doing through his World Central Kitchen. By mobilizing local chefs and communities to provide first responder disaster relief […]

DailyAdBrief Marketing Champion Renee Miller

Congratulations to Renee Miller, founder and CEO of The Miller Group Marketing Los Angeles, for being featured in the DailyAdBrief Marketing Champions program. Thank you to Howard Wolpoff for hosting such a great conversation about the evolution of marketing and the importance of understanding your clients! Check out the interview!

Changing the business narrative

Sustainable Brands’ mission is to “…inspire, engage, and equip business leaders and practitioners to turn social and environmental challenges into drivers of brand innovation, value creation, and positive impact.” In the beginning, the focus was on helping guide and nudge sustainability and CSR leaders to see that they could be a more strategic asset to […]

Four Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability, at its core, reaches across different areas of our work. So when we say we’re advocates for sustainable brands, we mean a variety of things. It’s helpful to think of our goals in terms of four “pillars”: Environmental: this one clicks in for most of us. We all know the importance of protecting natural […]