Giving your customers the reins

Tom Szaky stands out in a corporate crowd, opting for a black t-shirt instead of a custom suit. He sits atop environmental solutions that range from diverting waste to reducing it altogether.  With long hair and a casual tone, he often sits next to CEOs of major companies who otherwise might not give his mission […]

Changing the narrative of business

After extensive senior-level B2B experience, including timber and emerging tech, KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz experienced the impact a purpose-driven company can have on both people and profits. She started a management consultancy built around the notion of purpose-driven profitability. From there, she founded Sustainable Brands in 2006. Sustainable Brands’ mission is to “inspire, engage, and equip business […]

A wake up call in 2021.

Welcome to 2021 – a year that promises to be a far cry from 2020. On the upside, The Miller Group celebrated its 30th anniversary and an all-new website. And we worked with a number of amazing clients on meaningful initiatives. COVID has been a wake up call. It’s made us think about how we – as  marketers […]

Doing Different Well: Jeans for Every Body

Fresh thinking, disruption, and innovation: change goes by a lot of names, but it adds up to somebody somewhere thinking: “there has to be a different and better way.” This is the third in a series of intervies with people whose ideas are challenging – and changing – the rules in their category. People with […]

Recycled Materials are Making a Fashion Statement.

Fashionistas take note: designers are using recycled materials in a whole new way. German designer Karen Jessen is receiving worldwide attention for her “reconstruction design technique.” Jessen breaks down second-hand leather, old denim and jersey, into pieces of fabric and reconnects them, giving life to new textures. French designer Katell Gelebert created a full wardrobe using […]