Listen Up!

Do you know what’s being said about your brand and products outside your own social media channels? There are endless reasons to listen to social media conversations. Here’s how you start and what you can do with the information you gain: The importance of social media listening is growing at rapid speed and social media […]

Baseball vs. Hockey by Gary Bettman

Gary M. Bettman is a feature film producer and Senior Vice President and Producer at The Miller Group. Despite having his own illustrious career (, Gary has received several calls, emails and letters over the last twenty years from media and hockey enthusiasts trying to reach Gary Bettman (the commissioner). During that time, he’s learned […]

Mobile Media Summit LA 2014

“LOCATION” turned out to be the keyword of the Mobile Media Summit on April 1st at SLS Beverly Hills. The big future trend will be geotargeting and how location data provides insights about consumers’ behavior over time. Other hot topics included ‘transparency’, ‘native marketing’, ‘exposure’, and ‘proximity’, ‘integration’ and ‘data measurement’. The mobile media conference […]

A primer on desktop market research.

Online market research is an affordable way to gain insight about how to best define, understand, reach and influence your target market segments. “What are my customers or prospects doing online?” “How many mothers live in my company’s zip code? City? County? State?” “What are my industries projected sales for next year and how are […]