A wake up call in 2021.

Welcome to 2021 – a year that promises to be a far cry from 2020. On the upside, The Miller Group celebrated its 30th anniversary and an all-new website. And we worked with a number of amazing clients on meaningful initiatives. COVID has been a wake up call. It’s made us think about how we – as  marketers […]

Social Media Fails and how to handle them

Mistakes happen, people are human, things don’t always go as planned. There’s no shortage of very public social media fails.  If you react quickly, show transparency and honesty, you have a chance to save face and recover as a brand. Even though social media fails are uncontrollable by design, there are a few things marketers can […]

Proving Your Worth – Social Media ROI

In trying to quantify social media performance people are applying “old media” principles (such as impressions and reach) to new media capabilities and the industry is increasingly problematizing these metrics, calling them ambiguous and subjective, at best. Does metrics like reach and followers really matter and how do you actually prove your worth in social […]

The Impossible Task – Social Media ROI

Proving social media ROI (return on investment) has been called incredibly hard, even impossible, by some. There is a clear disconnection between the total number of impressions reported and the actual result of a campaign. The industry is demanding more transparency and searching for new solutions. According to Fast Company (via Forbes), referencing an Adobe […]

“Before you build your influencer campaign, build your own influence”

Our Account Executives Fiona Ryan and Jenny Soederman are attending Social Media Week and on Tuesday they listened to “The Influencer Campaign Cheat Sheet” by head of engineering Solange Rubio at InstaBrand and Julie Lee, founder of Julie’s Kitchen and professional influencer. Building a successful campaign always starts with building your own influence, according to […]