TechWeek LA 2013

TechWeek: in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights. TechWeek – Los Angeles (November 18) promised to be spectacular and didn’t disappoint. In fact, it felt like a two-day early Christmas gift for thousands of tech lovers and startups. The first day was devoted to apps and the second, to fashion. New […]

Recipe for a perfect launch.

1. Remember, it’s a process. The launch event is important, but how you get there is crucial. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare. There is an important education component in a launch: employees, distribution channels, media, etc., all require time to prepare the constituencies they serve. 2. Timing is crucial. Set a date that […]

Memetics: the DNA of word of mouth.

We’ve all made suggestions, recommendations and referrals based on personal experience and advertising. It’s rewarding to watch as the best suggestions set off an avalanche of subsequent discussions and take on a life of their own. Consciously or unconsciously, we imitate the behavior of others – making for some lively conversation. Imitation is crucial to […]

A primer on desktop market research.

Online market research is an affordable way to gain insight about how to best define, understand, reach and influence your target market segments. “What are my customers or prospects doing online?” “How many mothers live in my company’s zip code? City? County? State?” “What are my industries projected sales for next year and how are […]

The seduction of focus groups

The notion of sitting behind one-way glass and voyeuristically observing strangers talking about your company or product is very tantalizing, sometimes even painful. Having participated in hundreds of these qualitative sessions, I’ll offer some thoughts on what to watch for should your research plans include groups. Respondent sampling is key. Getting the right mix of […]