Seven ways to improve agency-client relationships

Seven ways to improve agency-client relationships There are a lot of articles about how clients can get the most from their agencies, and vice versa.  In March, released this chart covering the most challenging barriers to a successful agency-client relationship. Here are our thoughts on the topic: Delivering innovative ideas. Clients often complain their agencies’ work is too […]

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing  ABM can become quite labor-intensive without the right tools and the right approach; the secret to using ABM effectively is market intelligence. You need to be incredibly careful choosing your targets—because if your hunch turns out to be wrong, it could cost your team a lot of time and aggravation.  Before launching ABM, make sure […]

What’s your story?

What’s your story? Stories are the best way to communicate. Every culture and every age group that’s ever existed has used stories to teach lessons and impart wisdom. Consumers crave genuine connections with brands. Here are seven tips for humanizing your brand and communicating what you do:  Ask why. In his TED Talk, author Simon Sinek […]

Six Things to Remember When Shooting Your Next Video

Six Things to Remember When Shooting Your Next Video Creating great video content is a tricky balancing process; the word“video” makes people excited, but the words “corporate video” makepeople’s eyes glaze over. How can you use video to communicate withyour constituents without falling into boring a corporate trap? Here are sixtips: When developing the idea, […]

Crafting the corporate story

Crafting the corporate story People love stories; they’re how we’ve expressed ourselves and communicated with each other since the beginning of human history. Corporate storytelling is using stories to communicate what your company does and what it values—and it’s an important tool for building and maintaining connections with potential customers. Here are a few tips for developing […]

Five tips for working with influencers

Five tips for working with influencers Influencer marketing is the Twenty-First Century iteration of the celebrity endorsement. The concept itself isn’t new, but what is new is the idea that a lot of influence over a niche audience can have more impact than a small influence over a large audience. A good influencer—even one with a small […]

Content That Levels the Playing Field

Content That Levels the Playing Field Creating compelling, conversational and authentic content lets you connect to your reader while boosting your SEO rankings, gaining traffic and even generating leads. Look how Penzey’s e-blast hits home for professional and amateur cooks, with messaging from founder, Bill Penzey: “By popular demand! We’ve held off on promoting long […]

Creating Impactful Video during Covid-19

Creating Impactful Video during Covid-19 Now is the perfect time to lean into digital as studies show 80% of consumers have watched more video since COVID than before. It’s estimated by 2022, video will represent 82% of all content. The average person will watch 100 minutes of video content per day by the end of […]