Recycled Materials are Making a Fashion Statement.

Fashionistas take note: designers are using recycled materials in a whole new way. German designer Karen Jessen is receiving worldwide attention for her “reconstruction design technique.” Jessen breaks down second-hand leather, old denim and jersey, into pieces of fabric and reconnects them, giving life to new textures. French designer Katell Gelebert created a full wardrobe using […]

Recipe for a perfect launch.

1. Remember, it’s a process. The launch event is important, but how you get there is crucial. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare. There is an important education component in a launch: employees, distribution channels, media, etc., all require time to prepare the constituencies they serve. 2. Timing is crucial. Set a date that […]

Ten laws for enduring success.

What does it take to achieve real success?  In her new book, “The 10 Laws of Enduring Success,” CNBC’s anchor Maria Bartiromo answers the question with insights gained from pivotal moments in her career. Below are the 10 qualities she believes are the bedrock of enduring success: Self-knowledge is the ability to define our unique […]

Measuring customer engagement.

If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.  Senior managers in large and small companies alike are looking for ways to measure (and by definition, improve) marketing performance. With the average job span of a Chief Marketing Officer a brief 22 months, there’s little interest in engagement as a state of mind: for engagement […]

Lessons from the brand apostle model.

Apostles are most often viewed in a religious context. Indeed, all 12 Books of the New Testament were written by Apostles. But, the term didn’t originate in the church: it was around long before modern Christianity. In the Greek language, the word Apostle is “apostolos,” which meant a delegate, a messenger, one sent forth with orders.  It […]

Primary research for your business.

  Primary research answers YOUR questions about YOUR business. The value of this specificity is enormous, but the price tag doesn’t have to be. It starts with creating a plan and setting aside a fixed amount of budget, anywhere from 2%-5% of gross revenue, to support it. Initiating a structured research plan in your business means confronting some simple […]

The era of experience.

It was a typical reaction. Whoa, awesome! I’m gonna tweet this. Hey, wait a second. Are robots taking over planet Earth? Have they already? This April, the nonprofit organization Immersive Technology hosted an event titled “The Era of Experience:” a panel of men and women whose jobs involve creating, pondering and challenging the sort of jaw-droppingly awesome technology […]