51% of CMOs are female 

There is still progress to be made in the C-suite, but as of 2022, the majority of CMOs [51%] are female. This is up from 23% in 2016. So what does this mean?   Women say they are better prepared to take risks and are more likely to see opportunities than men. They are also […]

The Importance of Independent Thinking

Top 10 lists, endorsements, online reviews, influencers: there are so many sources we turn to tell us what’s right, what’s tested, what’s safe. Opinions turn into best practices, best practices into rules. Trial and error becomes test and learn becomes group think.   New channels lower the cost of new and different but we often fall […]

Disrupt 2024

How much of your human and marketing resources are spent doing the same thing differently, rather than doing different things? If your business isn’t rewriting the book on category disruption then the burden is clearly on marketing to create it. Take Brewdog – a craft brewery founded in Scotland in 2007.   Like a lot […]

World Water Day, March 22

The United Nations designated March 22 World Water Day – an annual global observance with the goal of illuminating the path toward a sustainable and equitable future. Individuals, organizations, and governments unite to raise awareness about water-related issues and advocate for change.   Three percent of the earth’s water is fresh. 2.5% of the earth’s […]

What’s the big idea?

Technology now allows us to be content creators, on-camera talent, videographers, and advertising experts. We’ve gotten really good at describing the idea of an execution. “We’ll use stop motion.” “Let’s reach out to micro-influencers.” “How about a series of pop up events?”   We get so caught up in the idea of an execution, what […]

The best thing you can do.

At a time when management is looking at marketing for guaranteed wins, perfect solutions, and no-risk investments, keep in mind the words often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you […]

If all you have is a hammer.

Paraphrasing Abraham Maslow’s Law of the Instrument: “If all you have is a hammer, you’re tempted to treat everything as a nail.” Maybe that’s why many of us reach out for a solution to a problem we’re sure we have.   So make a vow in 2024 – whether you’re working with a digital agency, […]

L.A. Revival – Stahl House

An architectural masterpiece nestled into the Hollywood Hills of Southern California, and known as Case Study #22, Stahl House was built in 1960, post-World War II, in an attempt to address the burgeoning middle class and rising housing shortage.    As impressive as the breathtaking view, is the story behind Stahl House. It represents the […]