If all you have is a hammer.

Paraphrasing Abraham Maslow’s Law of the Instrument: “If all you have is a hammer, you’re tempted to treat everything as a nail.” Maybe that’s why many of us reach out for a solution to a problem we’re sure we have.   So make a vow in 2024 – whether you’re working with a digital agency, […]

L.A. Revival – Stahl House

An architectural masterpiece nestled into the Hollywood Hills of Southern California, and known as Case Study #22, Stahl House was built in 1960, post-World War II, in an attempt to address the burgeoning middle class and rising housing shortage.    As impressive as the breathtaking view, is the story behind Stahl House. It represents the […]

Segmentation Should Be a Cornerstone of Your Marketing Communications Plan

Whether you’re selling toothpaste or museum memberships you need to balance brand/product differentiation and segmentation strategies. They are complementary and interdependent strategies and can work together to create a clear fit between your organization and your market. But they are different.   Brand or product differentiation is about communicating what makes your organization, cause, or […]

Green Halloween!

As Halloween approaches each year, so much excess waste goes into our landfills. Fortunately, by incorporating eco-friendly practices into our celebrations, we can all enjoy a Green Halloween without compromising the fun. Embrace the creativity of Halloween and get crafty with a DIY costume! Look at Pinterest or Tiktok to gather some inspiration. If crafts […]

Embracing Conscious Capitalism: Empowering Purposeful Business for a Better World

Conscious Capitalism is a transformative movement that resonates deeply with The Miller Group’s core values and vision. Renee Miller, the founder, and CEO of TMG, is a member of this incredible organization, championing a new era of business where profitability and social impact intertwine harmoniously.  Conscious Capitalism represents a profound shift in how we perceive […]

Upcycling Tips and Hacks

Upcycling transforms old items into new ones, giving life to things that would typically be thrown away. Reduce landfill waste and cut down on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions with these easy upcycling tips:   1. Broken Coffee Mug Handle? Turn it into a windowsill planter and fill it with your favorite plant.   2. Random […]