Why branded hotel amenities matter

Why branded hotel amenities matter

Guests often judge a hotel by the amenities it keeps, according to #Hospitality.net: “Ultimately, hotels that invest in high-end amenities are making a brand statement that modern guests are extremely receptive to, and which contribute to a memorable stay.

“After all, in an age where consumer loyalty is especially difficult to earn, it becomes more important than ever before for companies to go above and beyond in their delivery of customer service. For those hotels hoping to curate a more luxurious guest experience, this could mean:

  • Complimentary pick-up/drop-off chauffeur service
  • Plum in-room wine on demand
  • Complimentary Netflix or streaming service on a SmartTV
  • Extra charging ports and/or an in-room iPad
  • Alexa or Google voice-activated assistant
  • Pillow menu

Ultimately, paying mind to the bottom line to curate a seamless and thoughtful guest experience (throughout every touch-point) allows guests to feel comfortable and at home, while experiencing memorable luxury both in-room and on the property. While this may represent one piece of the guest satisfaction puzzle, amenities represent an important opportunity to invest in an enhanced guest experience and truly differentiate your hotel.”

David Chang, from simplehuman, and Renee Miller, The Miller Group, discuss the importance of branded amenities in this podcast with #Glenn Hausmann, of #No Vacancy at #AAHOA last week. The podcast series was sponsored by #Red Roof Inn.


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