What’s the big idea?

What’s the big idea?

Technology now allows us to be content creators, on-camera talent, videographers, and advertising experts. We’ve gotten really good at describing the idea of an execution. “We’ll use stop motion.” “Let’s reach out to micro-influencers.” “How about a series of pop up events?”


We get so caught up in the idea of an execution, what often gets lost is the actual idea. The latter is based on known or uncovered truths about the audience. The former is based on lively client and/or agency sessions.


The richest, most exciting discussions – and biggest breakthroughs – come from the pick-and-shovel work of finding ideas that not only benefit the client, but humanity, as well. These kinds of breakthroughs make the idea of the execution so much easier to evaluate.


To see what happens when you focus on the big idea, check out these examples.

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