Micro targeting can give small budgets a big voice

Micro targeting can give small budgets a big voice

Saban Community Clinic – a non-profit medical/dental clinic – had a big need: energize their newly formed pediatrics practice. Their constituency is largely low-income and multi-cultural with an aversion to making appointments, and a preference for local clinics and healers. The objective was to drive interest and appointments from first-time patients. The budget was modest for Los Angeles, the second most expensive media market in the country

It started with a recognition that, while a community is geographic, a neighborhood is attitudinal. Neighbors listening to each other, and channels they trust. Neighbors caring for each other with cynicism for outsiders. Healthcare, especially preventative care, is a new idea to neighborhoods like these. So, working with Saban we created a sub-brand called Saban Kids Club, which allowed for a fun, youthful colorful design, that was welcoming, and appropriate for the neighborhood. Then, we incentivized families to join by offering free membership. Families received dozens of rewards including gifts, sports clinics for the kids and educational information to keep them healthy. By joining, families are encouraged to choose Saban for their kid’s ongoing dental and medical needs. And the beauty of the program is that MediCal covers most of the cost for low-income working adults.

Using channels that tap into neighborhood chatter like social, search and digital proved critical in getting the word out. Equally as important was the use of grassroots effort – church bulletins, posters in laundromats and at soccer matches. Paid media was used to drive fast build awareness of the sub-brand (the campaign ran only 12 weeks): we used a well-known neighborhood radio personality to do live read, and on-air interviews, and drive time radio. Transit, out of home, direct mail and email were used to reach multi-family housing and stimulate WOM among current Saban patients. The 12-week campaign exceeded the client’s expectations, delivering 51 new, ongoing patients – 48 who are now actively enrolled in Saban Kids Club.

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