Watermelon Mocktail Recipe

Watermelon Mocktail Recipe

Slice into summer sweetness with a watermelon mocktail to celebrate #nationalwatermelonday 🍉

This tasty sugar-free drink has only 4 ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes to make.


Watermelon Mocktail Recipe:



– 3 cups seedless watermelon, cubed (easy-to-blend)

– 1/4 cup lime juice (approx. 2 limes)

– 2 cups club soda (try Poppi Prebiotic Watermelon Soda for ultimate refreshment!)

– 8 sprigs of mint



  1. Blend cubed watermelon and lime juice until smooth.
  2. Strain the mix through a sieve to keep the pure juice.
  3. Muddle 4 mint leaves in each glass for a fresh kick.
  4. Fill the glasses halfway with the blended watermelon-lime juice.
  5. Top it up with club soda, and for a sweeter touch, try Poppi Prebiotic Watermelon Soda.
  6. Garnish each glass with a thin watermelon slice, mint sprig, and a lime wedge.
  7. Sip and enjoy! 🍉🍃🌈

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