Upcycling Tips and Hacks

Upcycling Tips and Hacks

Upcycling transforms old items into new ones, giving life to things that would typically be
thrown away. Reduce landfill waste and cut down on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
with these easy upcycling tips:


1. Broken Coffee Mug Handle? Turn it into a windowsill planter and fill it with your
favorite plant.


2. Random forks lying around? Turn them into coat hanger hooks.


3. Paint the bottom of an old can and turn it into a pen or pencil holder.


4. Old leather belts can be engraved and made into picture frames.


5. We love this Capsule Collection Bracelet made from Nespresso capsules.

6. Mason jars are one of the most popular kitchen items to upcycle:

–  Decorate the outside, cut a slide in the lid and turn it into a Mason jar bank
–  Create your favorite fruit and yogurt parfait and take on a hike or camping trip
–  Perfect for serving sweet tea or punch
–  Bake your favorite pumpkin or banana bread in the jar and gift it to a friend


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