Why Packaging Can Be The Secret Ingredient To Increase Sales

Why Packaging Can Be The Secret Ingredient To Increase Sales

As the number of online shoppers increases, e-commerce should be regarded as a new opportunity for companies to drive sales and packaging could be the key.

Businesses should think beyond plain, brown delivery boxes as nicely designed packages can make the experience of receiving your product memorable. They can give you the chance to impress your customers and make them talk about it on social media —and who doesn’t like free advertising?

People like to share experiences online. The Psychology Of Sharing: Why Do People Share Online? by The New York Times states that 49% of people like to share information about products on the Internet. The act of sharing content online is emotionally appealing to people and it fulfills an emotional need.

Indeed, nice packaging when selling online matters: it really is that exclamation point on the product inside. Therefore the packaging should show your brand’s personality and established identity because it’s the first thing customers will see when they find your product at the door.

Boring, plain cardboard boxes should be buried. People value personalization. They want to feel unique and who doesn’t like surprises? Beyond a stylized box design, you can also excite your customers during the unboxing experience, which will also motivate them to share your product on social media.

Unboxing videos (unboxing is the process of removing the product you have purchased from the package) are going viral on the Internet. So, good packaging is a great way to help your brand get noticed and connect with customers. “Unboxing video views have grown 57% over the past year [from 2013 to 2014], and uploads have grown more than 50%”, according to The Magic Behind Unboxing on YouTube report.

Below are some tips to make the unboxing experience memorable for your customers:

1. Offer a personal touch: Add an unexpected personal note in the package to reinforce the excitement of unboxing the product. The experience will become more memorable and enhance the chances of your customer sharing a picture of the product online.

2. Think about package interiors: The way your products are displayed and the interior design of the box deserve as much attention as the outside. You could add, for example, a graphic design related to your business or a catchy sentence. Also, think about ribbons and colorful paper to make the experience more meaningful and unforgettable.

Both the experiences of getting a product in a cool box and unboxing the product could be the catalyst that makes your product stand out from the competition, create awareness and a hunger for your product. The main goal is to persuade your customers to continuously buy your product. For some creative ideas of how to make packaging work better for you, click here.

This article is written from the personal perspective of Cora Ribe. The opinions and views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Miller Group Advertising.

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