The world ISN’T ending in 12 years.

The world ISN’T ending in 12 years.

The world ISN’T ending in 12 years.

sustainable brands with pre zero, oceana, agriprotein, and NRDC

From fires in the Amazon and storms in the Atlantic, to melting ice sheets, flooding, and droughts. The climate crisis is intensifying the impacts of extreme weather events around the world. Moreover, bold and sustainable global action is necessary to protect our lands and oceans. Many clients – current and past – are working tirelessly to make a positive environmental impact through these actions: 


AgriProtein has developed the idea of nutrient recycling, and in turn, is creating an entirely new industry along with it. The primary product in production is Magmeal. This natural protein feed for farm animals and pets is manufactured by using black soldier flies to break down waste naturally. (


PreZero has strategized toward a zero-waste future and works to eliminate the use of items that cannot be recycled. In turn, they practice a circular economy ideology, which develops an alternative way of thinking to traditional throwaway culture. In order to achieve this type of economy, collaboration and innovation are necessary. Therefore, PreZero is partnering with a variety of companies, such as ACI Plastics where they are creating facilities that will recycle difficult plastics. (


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has combined renewable and recycled materials to create The Robert Redford Building in Santa Monica, CA. In other words, one of the world’s most successful corporate green building designs. Additionally, the building combines renewable and recycled materials and has the highest possible level of sustainable design rating (LEED) by the US Green Council. The office space showcases how structures can reduce harm to the environment by minimizing water and energy use. (


Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization for ocean conservation. Similarly, they are in the midst of a global movement to save the oceans by bringing economic warriors together to educate and advocate. Oceans are essential to our planet; they help regulate climate and absorb carbon dioxide. Furthermore, Oceana strives to reverse the clock on our oceans, creating a bio diverse haven. To do so, they advocate for science-based fishery management, limiting number of catches allotted and protecting marine habitats.  (

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can develop a sustainability program, please contact Renee Miller at Or to see a few more sustainability examples, visit our sustainable solutions.  

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