The Importance of Independent Thinking

Bright purple fish swimming against the current of other grey fish, to symbolize thinking differently.

The Importance of Independent Thinking

Top 10 lists, endorsements, online reviews, influencers: there are so many sources we turn to tell us what’s right, what’s tested, what’s safe. Opinions turn into best practices, best practices into rules. Trial and error becomes test and learn becomes group think.


New channels lower the cost of new and different but we often fall back on tried and true. Humans are social beings hard-wired to fit in. That usually means copying the actions of others and looking to the group for answers or direction to mitigate risk. Social proof – the assumption that if most other people are doing something it must be correct – is a key driver of conformity.


So here’s to the marketing pirates: the ziggers and zaggers; the exceptions to the rule. Those who encourage their team and their agency to think independently. Use the facts but don’t become slaves to them. The cost of doing the same thing could be a lot higher than doing the wrong thing. Try, experiment, create.

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