The 21st Century Commute: Would You Bike To Work With SmartWheel?

The 21st Century Commute: Would You Bike To Work With SmartWheel?

With increased pressure to reduce carbon emissions, save money on gas, and strive for better health more people are turning to biking as opposed to driving to work. Innovative entrepreneurs have tapped into this change, pinpointed the reason for resistance, and invented a possible solution. Two companies, FlyKly and Superpedestrian are paving the way in the market of the pedal assist wheel, which can increase the ease in riding a bike. Although they are not producing flying cars, these companies are on track to change the way you think about getting around.

The creative minds behind FlyKly are capitalizing on this idea with SmartWheel, which you can check out here at Like SmartWheel, the Copenhagan Wheel from Superpedestrian, claims to be an urban revolution, and offers the same features as SmartWheel including a mobile app and a removable rechargeable battery.

Funding for SmartWheel took place on Kickstarter in the Fall of 2013 when nearly 2,400 excited people pledged money towards the production and distribution which guarantees them access to the wheel in Fall 2014. Meanwhile the Copenhagan Wheel generated 4 million views of its very first commercial which shows that a large chunk of people are at least intrigued by what Superpedestrian is up to. Afterall, FlyKly and Superpedestrian are not just making people want these wheels, they are tapping into the fact that there is an existing need for them.

Dubbed the bike of the future, SmartWheel has the potential to begin a wave of change with motorized vehicles. Although the commute may be difficult to conquer at first, more people using these pedal assists for quicker trips around town can make a noticeable change. Marketing may be the final step needed to create buzz around the product and get people truly excited about buying an environmentally conscious commuter’s dream bike.

Find out everything about SmartWheel and the people behind it at and checkout to learn more about the Copenhagan Wheel.

Happy commuting!

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