Ten laws for enduring success.

Ten laws for enduring success.

What does it take to achieve real success?  In her new book, “The 10 Laws of Enduring Success,” CNBC’s anchor Maria Bartiromo answers the question with insights gained from pivotal moments in her career. Below are the 10 qualities she believes are the bedrock of enduring success:

  1. Self-knowledge is the ability to define our unique abilities and aspirations. Every good leader dares to pursue his or dreams on their own terms, according to Bartiroma.
  2. Vision enables us to look ahead, see possibility and focus. This is where dreams and actions come together.
  3. Initiative drives us to take the first step, no matter what the circumstance. The beauty of initiative is that it’s accessible to everyone.
  4. Courage is the inner fortitude that allows us to overcome obstacles and take chances. Those with courage focus on possibility rather than fear.
  5. Integrity simply means doing the right thing, especially when faced with moral and ethical challenges.
  6. Adaptability enables us to shift gears, especially during the most severe financial crises. Those of us who believe we always have something to learn, even if we’re at the top of our game, will have the easiest time adapting to change. The secret lies in finding the opening to new opportunities, rather than resisting change.
  7. Humility: “Some of the greatest people I know are also the most humble,” according to Bartiroma. “We enjoy it when people can laugh at themselves. Without humility, you can never see the truth about yourself and others.”
  8. Endurance: Success is a long march, often fleeting and even if we do what we love, we can get burned out over time. Endurance requires pacing, discipline and the ability to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term results. The most successful people are those who know how to pave the road with incremental triumphs.
  9. Purpose is a calling. It’s the passion that matters most in our lives. Deep down, we all want to live lives of meaning and fulfillment. Our calling may transcend our job, income or even lifestyle.
  10. Resilience: “Life is a see saw.” Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. We all recognize success is fleeting. It’s possible to lose it through circumstances beyond our control. The people who continue to bounce back inspire optimism.

None of these qualities are dependent on external circumstances,” according to Bartiroma. “True success comes from the inside, meaning that anyone can have it and anyone can keep it, in good times and bad.”

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