L.A. Revival – Stahl House

L.A. Revival – Stahl House

An architectural masterpiece nestled into the Hollywood Hills of Southern California, and known as Case Study #22, Stahl House was built in 1960, post-World War II, in an attempt to address the burgeoning middle class and rising housing shortage. 


As impressive as the breathtaking view, is the story behind Stahl House. It represents the magic of an ordinary family growing up in an extraordinary home. Stahl House is a testament to tenacity and the enduring power of physical spaces in shaping our imaginative landscapes. 


Buck Stahl, the mastermind behind the house’s iconic design, knew what he wanted and did not take no for an answer. Many people told Buck that Stahl House was a bad investment, a horrible idea, and never going to work out. It wasn’t until after interviewing dozens of architects that he found Koenig who was brave enough to take on the incredible architectural design in Los Angeles. Buck had the vision and Koenig brought it to life.  


Buck’s vision is incredibly inspiring, reminding us of how challenger brands succeed today – despite the odds – based on passion, vision and commitment.  Stahl House serves as a reminder that the path to success often involves overcoming obstacles, adapting to changing circumstances, and holding onto one’s vision despite setbacks.  Its architectural elegance becomes a palette for the imaginative mind, a reminder that creativity can flourish even under the most challenging circumstances.

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