Skills Emphasized in CEO Job Listings

Skills Emphasized in CEO Job Listings

Check out your this graphic we thought was too interesting not to share. I know we have all wondered what makes CEO’s qualified, so take a look!

Turns out some of us might have what it takes to run a giant public company: social skills. CEOs with such skills are increasingly in demand, finds a new analysis just published in the Harvard Business Review, Emily writes.

Why it matters: People skills have grown in importance as CEOs are increasingly expected to respond to not just shareholders and board members, but employees, customers, the public at large, regulators, activists, and more. The upheaval of the pandemic has made it even more crucial that leaders are good, empathetic communicators.

The most wanted soft skills include a high level of self-awareness, the ability to listen and communicate, and “the capacity to infer how others are thinking and feeling,” the authors write.

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