Salesforce Nonprofit Summit 2022

Salesforce Nonprofit Summit 2022

The Miller Group was proud to be a part of the Salesforce 2022 Nonprofit Summit that took place May 17th and May 18th. It was a pleasure to witness the amazing work that Chef Jose Andres is doing through his World Central Kitchen. By mobilizing local chefs and communities to provide first responder disaster relief in the form of hot, nutritious meals, he has truly shown us the importance of having hope in order to foster change. In response to the pandemic, we were truly inspired by his optimism to uplift those who need it most to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. 


We also had the opportunity to hear from three of the world’s most prominent advocates Jane Fonda, Tori Tsui, and Daphne Frias. It was encouraging  to listen to powerful women use their voices to drive meaningful climate action in order to reach a sustainable future with attainable steps. The Miller Group is passionate about making real solutions for brands while dedicated to global sustainability measures. 


Thank you to all the speakers for your wisdom, inspiration, and incredible leadership by empowering us all to change for the better of our future.

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