Reimagining Live Events

Reimagining Live Events

Reimagining Live Events

No doubt about it, live events – with actual person-to-person, on-site interaction – are a driving force in business. They create leads, put the spotlight on product news, introduce brands, and foster business relationships. So it’s interesting to see how we’re finding ways to re-think events: keeping the important attributes of immediacy and connectivity alive, but without the on-site environment. Here are some recent examples:  

  • Keeping it simple: In true Apple fashion, the tech giant took a sleek and simple approach in hosting their annual worldwide developer conference recently. They offered similar activities as years past – such as a keynote address and educational sessions with Apple creators – all showcased on an attractive black and white website. Several participating developers expressed appreciation for another successful event, despite the absence of on-site activities. 
  • Driving the line: Drive-in venues are becoming a popular option for hosting community events that don’t violate social distancing measures. Walmart just announced plans to convert 160 of their parking lots into drive-in movie theaters. The Tennis Channel took advantage of this concept with a screening of an invitational tennis meet at a local movie theater turned drive-in venue. Attendees received snacks and Tennis Channel merch while enjoying the match together. Neil Roberts, the head of marketing for the Tennis Channel, said everyone involved was “thrilled by the outcome.”
  • Dreaming up something new: Pre-covid, Mastercard offered cardholders access to exclusive events and experiences with their Priceless Cities platform. Since then, the program has rebranded. It’s now Digital Priceless Experiences, and Mastercard had to whip up some new online experiences to offer along with it. Hundreds of thousands tuned in to a Youtube livestream featuring two golf champions facing off in a golf video game, with plenty of Mastercard branding throughout the whole virtual event.

We’re all learning that social distancing doesn’t have to mean “business distancing.”  

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Art: Olivia Fitzmorris, Account Coordinator

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