Recycled Materials are Making a Fashion Statement.

Recycled Materials are Making a Fashion Statement.

Fashionistas take note: designers are using recycled materials in a whole new way. German designer Karen Jessen is receiving worldwide attention for her “reconstruction design technique.” Jessen breaks down second-hand leather, old denim and jersey, into pieces of fabric and reconnects them, giving life to new textures.

French designer Katell Gelebert created a full wardrobe using recycled food packaging:

Courtesy of Katell Gelebert fashion

Sustainable fashion isn’t just a fad. Designer Stella McCartney is on the forefront when it comes to creating pieces that are meant to last. Also Armani Jeans has been incorporating eco fabrics and design since 1995 with the development of a revolutionary process to recycle denim. They also developed new materials using 60% recycled wool and recycled cross-dyed cotton and introduced hemp eco washes into their collection.

Eco-fi, Patagonia and REKIXX are incorporating recycled and recyclable materials into their merchandise. In fact, Patagonia was the first company to use recycled bottles to create outdoor apparel. They have full lines of eco-friendly clothing for men, women and children.

As the population continues to focus on the environment, more shoppers are becoming more aware of eco-friendly fashion. In a recent survey, H&M revealed 47 percent of its customers were interested in more environmentally friendly products in 2013, compared to 27 percent in 2012. H&M’s “Conscious Exclusive” line, which debuts April 10, features supermodel Amber Valetta and will be available in 150 stores worldwide. It includes items such as organic leather and silk. The collection shows the breadth of possibilities sustainable materials offer. At the same time it encourages customers to join the path towards an eco-friendly fashion future.

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