Let’s Hear It for Fresh Thinking

Let’s Hear It for Fresh Thinking

Let’s Hear It for Fresh Thinking

When the chips are down, what are you going to bet on – innovation or ingenuity?

Innovation is about an invention, something ahead of its time. Bravo for innovators and visionaries like Steve Jobs who changed the world. Ingenuity is more about how a problem is solved – the process and the power of creative imagination. Innovation is amazing. But what will keep businesses afloat during these turbulent times is creative imagination and corporate ingenuity. Here are a few examples:

Allstate Insurance announced its “Shelter-in-Place Payback” for auto insurance customers. Allstate is offering a rebate on auto premiums based on the fact that customers are at home and driving less – “which means having fewer accidents”. It’s an offer based on a logical premise, so not just raw rate cutting. And, it’s a reward for being an Allstate customer. How many Allstate customers do you think are telling other people what their insurance company did for them? 

And, then there is simplehuman – a client who manufactures a full line of household tools, including the ubiquitous stainless garbage can, designed to “make life more efficient.” They are an amazingly innovative company, and became ingenious when they pivoted to highlight that their cans, and soap dispensers are all “hands-free”. By simply re-ordering product benefits they become even more relevant and indispensable during this time.

Finally, PepsiCo is using its clout to direct $45 million to communities hardest hit by the pandemic. From funding medical needs that include protective gear for health workers, testing and screening services, to distributing 50 million meals to at-risk populations, the company is providing essential donations around the globe.

When we all return to “normal”, these companies, and others like them, will be remembered for their positive actions during the dark days. And, you can be sure we will be with them when times are better. These are examples of companies replacing “leading edge” with ingenuity. The companies who are going to MacGyver us to higher ground. If you’re looking for support tapping into your corporate ingenuity while making a positive impact on your consumer, please keep us in mind.   

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