Green Halloween!

Green Halloween!

As Halloween approaches each year, so much excess waste goes into our landfills. Fortunately, by incorporating eco-friendly practices into our celebrations, we can all enjoy a Green Halloween without compromising the fun.

Embrace the creativity of Halloween and get crafty with a DIY costume! Look at Pinterest or Tiktok to gather some inspiration. If crafts are not quite your thing, borrow an old costume from your friends or purchase one from a secondhand store. See if you can bring your vision to life with clothes you already have, or go to your local thrift store to complete the outfit! Check out your local Salvation Army. Find locations near you here.

Get into the spooky spirit by cutting down on your electricity. Light some fall-scented candles and turn off the lights. Bonus points if you share spooky stories with your family in the dark. For Halloween decorations, utilize LED lights which consume less energy and have a longer lifespan. Make sure to put them on a timer to minimize energy consumption overnight. Try repurposing old decorations before buying new to avoid overconsumption of single-use items.

Are you looking to carve pumpkins this fall? Buy from your local farmers market rather than the grocery store! Make sure to not let the seeds go to waste, instead make a delicious salty treat to snack on while you carve them. Dry the seeds, season to taste, and bake until crispy Make sure to compost your pumpkin remains when they are done being on display.

From single-use costumes and decorations to disposable candy wrappers, the impact of Halloween can be extraordinarily significant on our planet. However, with a little creativity and a conscious effort, we can all have a Happy Green Halloween!


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