4 ways to make your organization regenerative.

4 ways to make your organization regenerative.

Here are five ways your business can be regenerative and make the world a better place environmentally, socially, and economically.

  1. Think beyond the product. Last year, the Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles, California achieved Regenerative Organic Certified status with the Regenerative Organic Alliance. They thought beyond just making wine and considered the whole: employees, animals, and soil… everything. Their goal is to become more than just a winery. How can your business become more than just a business?
  2. Review corporate values. Every business provides people with a product or service. How does your product or service contribute to the world’s wellbeing? Check your corporate values, your mission statement, or your list of objectives and see if your business model helps restore balance in the world socially or naturally.
  3. Collaborate. The world has a lot of middlemen. Suppliers talk to producers who talk to manufacturers who talk to packagers… Instead of leaving all these parts in their own bubbles, collaborate to make sure your business is the most efficient and doing the best it can to make a positive impact.

Consider waste. It’s impossible to eliminate waste completely; thermodynamic laws apply to businesses, too. While it’s important to cut down on waste, it’s also good to think about what to do with the waste you do create. The London-based brewery Toast Ale, for instance, makes all its products with surplus bread. What’s a good way for your organization to put waste to good use?

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