From boring to brilliant: B2B that works

From boring to brilliant: B2B that works

B2B Advertising Tips


Are your B2B communications:

– Delivering shareable content that tells a story and motivates response? The more sharable, the greater the value to you and your target.

– Delivering emotional messaging? People rely on emotions, rather than information, to make brand decisions. Remember, business prospects are human, too.

Learn how to deliver effective, consistent, award-winning B2B messaging from four brands; tune into cost-host Logan Lyle’s interview with me on B2B Growth podcast.



4 Campaigns that Eliminate Boring B2B Ads – Sweet Fish Media | A Podcast Agency for B2B Brands (NOTE: Podcast no longer available).

In this episode we talk to Renee Miller, President & Creative Director at Miller Group Marketing. Check out some of the creative campaigns Renee & Logan discuss in this episode: MailChimp’s ad on the Serial podcast: Owl Labs #WhataHoot Video Series: More on the “Balance the Equation” campaign from GE here: Want to get a no-fluff email that boils down our 3 biggest takeaways from an entire week of B2B Growth episodes?

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