Four Ways Millennials Are Changing The Grocery Shopping Game

Four Ways Millennials Are Changing The Grocery Shopping Game

Millennials make up 25% of the U.S. population and, as such, have a growing purchase power. Grocers need to understand Millennial shopping habits and take the opportunity to connect with them via mobile commerce because many use smartphones when shopping.

When it comes to grocery shopping habits, this generation is driven by:

– Fresh, natural and organic food: Millennials are increasingly concerned about their health and, therefore, about what they eat. Compared to their predecessors, Millennials are more driven to buy organic and locally-grown food. So when it comes to adopting healthy lifestyles, they lead the way.

– Grocery lists: Over half of this young generation makes lists before going shopping but they do it just before going to the store. Almost half (49%) of Millennials buy everything they have on the list while the same percentage buy most of it.

– Convenience and prepared foods: Millennials tend to prefer meals or snacks that appear healthier and fresher but time is also important. They don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen so they are looking for easy meals that can be prepared quickly. Millennials are the largest demographic group when it comes to convenience; increasingly, they take advantage of grab-and-go foods from grocery stores, home delivery of prepared meals and take out.

– Price: This generation is looking for low prices because they prefer to spend their disposable income on leisure experiences: traveling, entertainment or even technology devices. So loyalty to a brand is dependent upon pricing: 85% will switch to another brand depending on prices.


But why do Millennials shop this way? Millennials are a generation that thinks of food and drink as core elements to overall health. They are more aware of nutrition than their predecessors and are more concerned about health and wellness. Not only do they eat better, they exercise more, too.

This generation has a busy lifestyle; time is important and they have become accustomed to immediate gratification, so convenience is king. Also, many Millennials have student debts and some are struggling to find a job, so price is queen.

The use of digital grocery shopping Apps is also trending among this generation. Not surprising when 70% are using smartphones when doing their shopping.

According to recent research by Saint Joseph’s University together with the Food Marketing Institute, successful grocery Apps demonstrate high consumer satisfaction and enthusiasm, as well as convenience —they meet Millennials’ needs.


Find four convenient smartphone Apps we think are worth downloading focused on low priced, healthy foods below: Are you looking for quick, easy recipes and healthy meals? Do you have food allergy? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you should definitely try Food on the Table. This innovative application helps you follow a healthy meal routine and provides you with ingenious tricks to save money on your next grocery shopping trip.
Available for iOS and Android.

Yummy Recipes & Grocery Shopping List by Yum: Are you looking for a real kitchen adventure? Then, this is the perfect App for you. Get personalized meal plans, whether you are vegetarian, gluten-free or you have any other food sensitivities. Yummy gives you recipe recommendations and allows you to save and organize your preferred recipes.
Available for iOS (Yummy Recipes & Recipe Box) and Android (Yummy Recipes & Grocery Shopping List).

Seafood Watch: If you are a fish lover this is the best App you can have installed on your device. It gives up to date recommendations to make the best sustainable and safe seafood choices when grocery shopping or at your favorite restaurant. It also offers you locations of markets and restaurants with ocean-friendly seafood.
Available for iOS and Android.

Out of Milk: The perfect App to coordinate your grocery list. Quickly add items to the list when they pop into your mind by talking to it, scanning an item or typing the name of the product. There are several features that allow you to easily manage your list including pricing, coupons and quantity. Finally, track what is missing in your fridge easily. With this App you will always have a full fridge and pantry!
Available for iOS and Android.

Ibotta: Would you be interested in an App that gives you money back for your grocery shopping? Before going to the grocery store, Ibotta allows you to browse for rebates at your favorite store or create a shopping list and they will find rebates that best meet the products you are shopping for. After you are done the shopping, send them your receipt and they will turn the rebates into cash.
Available for iOS and Android.


“Consumers are finding far more efficient, economically rewarding, and personally engaging experiences with their retailer” when they use apps that are successfully designed. So take advantage of these new trends by using the appropriate apps.


This article is written from the personal perspective of Cora Ribe. The opinions and views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Miller Group Advertising.

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