Disrupt 2024

Hand dragging lines to disrupt them

Disrupt 2024

How much of your human and marketing resources are spent doing the same thing differently, rather than doing different things? If your business isn’t rewriting the book on category disruption then the burden is clearly on marketing to create it. Take Brewdog – a craft brewery founded in Scotland in 2007.


Like a lot of craft brewers their marketing, and various beers, bring a lot of attitude: hip, cool and confident. But, their marketing goes way beyond simple tone and manner. They open-source their recipes. They self-fund growth through Equity for Punks – soliciting investments that turn customers into shareholders. Self-funding that generated £31 million in a recent round of funding. They have over 200,000 Equity for Punk shareholders today.


They’ve challenged the old order, gotten their hands slapped, responded with even more attitude, and have grown exponentially. Now, they’ve even opened “The World’s First Craft Beer Hotel” in Columbus, OH.


Disruption in customer relationships, disruption in ingredients [high alcohol content], and disruption in the way things are done. Creating great messaging for a me-too strategy is a challenge. Disruptive strategy writes itself.


Here’s to disruption in 2024.

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