Four Pillars of Sustainability

Four Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability, at its core, reaches across different areas of our work. So when we say we’re advocates for sustainable brands, we mean a variety of things. It’s helpful to think of our goals in terms of four “pillars”:

Environmental: this one clicks in for most of us. We all know the importance of protecting natural resources, preventing the degradation of land, and aiming to use cleaner energy across all industries. 

Human: not only do we want the planet to be healthy, but the people living on it, as well. Optimizing opportunities for nutrition, health and education services is a great way to ensure every person makes the most out of life.

Social: everybody deserves a seat at the table. That’s why consumers seek out companies prioritizing inclusion and equality in the workplace and community. We’re at our best when we’re uplifting each other – social sustainability accomplishes this.

Economic: as businesses grow and mature, and as consumer demands are becoming more nuanced, focusing on quality economic growth as much as the quantity of growth is of utmost importance. Recognizing every asset and liability (along with indirect costs) hold important worth and will be pivotal to all 21st century companies.

Here’s an example of a Unilever campaign called “Futuremaker” that works well across all four pillars:

We hope you’ll share our sentiment when we say that all of these pillars are important in our conversations as we look to grow brands and better our planet.  

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