Biz Stone’s New App, Jelly, Paves Way For A Better Answer

Biz Stone’s New App, Jelly, Paves Way For A Better Answer

The next time you puzzle over the extra screw you found after constructing your new bed frame or get lost in choosing the perfect kitchen appliance, you will wish you had downloaded an app called Jelly.

Jelly was launched early 2014 by Twitter co-creator Biz Stone. It offers advice and answers questions through a network of human connections and thrives on the belief that people genuinely want to help one another. Stone updates users through a blog on Jelly. In one post he writes, “I’ve often been asked what motivates folks to help on Jelly. I’m so happy explaining this motivation is genuinely rooted in a natural desire to help others.”

Participation is the lifeblood of Jelly. Without thousands of users checking Jelly daily, many questions will go unanswered and unseen. It helps that Jelly’s target audience is already scrolling throughout the day and the app offers something more than a timeline, newsfeed, or profile. Jelly offers the ability to provide a better answer.

Jelly has the potential of becoming a helpful source in retrieving feedback for professionals. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and advertisers could ask for feedback on a product through a picture and a few words. By creating a Jelly profile marketers can access potential customers who are willing to provide their genuine insight and expectations. By asking good questions on Jelly, marketers can have another channel to interact with their involved and engaged customer base.

Jelly’s concept is to extend connections outwards to thousands of people in order to discover the best possible and better answers. If the app continues to develop and become more user friendly, Jelly has the potential to be your new go to search engine with thousands of minds coming together as one.

To get a better understanding of Jelly, learn more at Jelly’s online blog here: Or download the app for free from the App Store.

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