Five tips for working with influencers

Five tips for working with influencers Influencer marketing is the Twenty-First Century iteration of the celebrity endorsement. The concept itself isn’t new, but what is new is the idea that a lot of influence over a niche audience can have more impact than a small influence over a large audience. A good influencer—even one with a small […]

Content Creation That Levels the Playing Field

Content Creation That Levels the Playing Field Creating compelling, conversational and authentic content lets you connect to your reader while boosting your SEO rankings, gaining traffic and even generating leads. Look how Penzey’s e-blast hits home for professional and amateur cooks, with messaging from founder, Bill Penzey: “By popular demand! We’ve held off on promoting […]

10 easy social media hacks

10 easy social media hacks  We’ve advised dozens of clients on social – increasing their reach, engagement and driving web traffic. The following 10 simple tips are guaranteed to improve your company’s social media status:  Start with a strategy:  Set meaningful objectives, research your target audience, establish your most important metrics, analyze your competition, create […]

Outstanding brands stand Out

Outstanding Brands Stand Out Every airline provides customer service, but how many provide outstanding customer service?  KML has gone more than the extra mile to deliver outstanding customer service, year after year.  And in exchange, has been certified as a Four-Star Airline by Skytrax, one of the top 20 airlines in the world (Air New Zealand is #1), […]

Reimagining Live Events

Reimagining Live Events No doubt about it, live events – with actual person-to-person, on-site interaction – are a driving force in business. They create leads, put the spotlight on product news, introduce brands, and foster business relationships. So it’s interesting to see how we’re finding ways to re-think events: keeping the important attributes of immediacy […]

Darwin would be proud

Darwin would be proud In business, as in nature, it’s adapt or perish. There are five forms of adaptation: migration, hibernation, dormancy, camouflage, and estivation. Companies, large and small, who are surviving or thriving in this COVID environment are the ones who are not only doing things differently, through migration and camouflage, but also doing […]

Are you listening?

Are you listening? It’s said that 85% of what we know we get from listening.  So why don’t we listen more carefully and purposefully? Maybe because we’re distracted, or worse, so focused on what we want to say we’re too busy to listen. According to we’re preoccupied about 75% of the time so even […]