Green Halloween!

As Halloween approaches each year, so much excess waste goes into our landfills. Fortunately, by incorporating eco-friendly practices into our celebrations, we can all enjoy a Green Halloween without compromising the fun. Embrace the creativity of Halloween and get crafty with a DIY costume! Look at Pinterest or Tiktok to gather some inspiration. If crafts […]

Upcycling Tips and Hacks

Upcycling transforms old items into new ones, giving life to things that would typically be thrown away. Reduce landfill waste and cut down on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions with these easy upcycling tips:   1. Broken Coffee Mug Handle? Turn it into a windowsill planter and fill it with your favorite plant.   2. Random […]

5 Quick and Easy Branding Tips

  1. Planning is critical. The process takes time and money. Establish a budget and a completion date and work backwards from there. This is typically a 4 – 6 month process. 2. Start with some unvarnished, objective truths about your organization and your brand. The best way to ensure this is through an independent, […]

Changing the business narrative

Sustainable Brands’ mission is to “…inspire, engage, and equip business leaders and practitioners to turn social and environmental challenges into drivers of brand innovation, value creation, and positive impact.” In the beginning, the focus was on helping guide and nudge sustainability and CSR leaders to see that they could be a more strategic asset to […]

Four Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability, at its core, reaches across different areas of our work. So when we say we’re advocates for sustainable brands, we mean a variety of things. It’s helpful to think of our goals in terms of four “pillars”: Environmental: this one clicks in for most of us. We all know the importance of protecting natural […]