Meatless Mondays: Shakshuka

  Meatless Mondays are a great way to improve your health – and the planet’s. The process of raising animals for human consumption is a major contributor to pollution that accelerates climate change. At The Miller Group, we work on curbing our meat consumption because we know that’s one way to help fight climate change. […]

Upcycling Tips and Hacks

Upcycling transforms old items into new ones, giving life to things that would typically be thrown away. Reduce landfill waste and cut down on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions with these easy upcycling tips:   1. Broken Coffee Mug Handle? Turn it into a windowsill planter and fill it with your favorite plant.   2. Random […]

Growing CX in A “Work from Home” World

  When CX is seamless, the probability of repurchase is 94%. But, delivering a consistent, satisfying customer experience requires a high level of coordination and collaboration. Here are some suggestions for achieving great CX success:   Create a CX company culture. This is a top down, bottom-up strategy, with clear C-Suite support. Your culture is […]

5 Quick and Easy Branding Tips

  1. Planning is critical. The process takes time and money. Establish a budget and a completion date and work backwards from there. This is typically a 4 – 6 month process. 2. Start with some unvarnished, objective truths about your organization and your brand. The best way to ensure this is through an independent, […]

Purpose Driven Branding is Here to Stay

Just as we’re now debating the separation of church and state, so too we’re seeing CMO’s weighing in on whether or not to take an open social or political stance. It’s been common practice that brands stick to their knitting and focus on core business issues.  But that’s changed. Purpose-driven branding and messaging is here […]