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Stress Management Strategies Mastering Personal Change
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 Learn what stress is, the symptoms of excess stress, the factors that increase the risk of stress, who is most susceptible, the 9 major time-tested stress management strategies needed to manage stress, and 8 proven stress busters to immediately implement to reduce stress so that you can not just manage stress, but move beyond just managing it to live your best possible life.  Learn the definition of change, examples of and the impact of change on you, proven change models, the major challenges of facing change and overcoming resistance to change, 9 steps to master personal change, the 6 “Cs” to become a change master, and the 4 keys for mastering transitions from the “old ” to the “new” so you can not only master change, but actually flourish and thrive to live your best possible life.
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Major Coping Strategies Dealing with Burnout
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Dealing with Burnout-1
Learn about loss and examples of loss, the emotions of coping with loss and grief, the stages and symptoms of grief, the six major coping strategies, the myths, facts, and insights of coping with loss and grief, and the limitations of even the most powerful of the coping strategies so that you can not only cope with loss more positively, but eventually move beyond coping to live your best possible life. Learn the definition of burnout, its major characteristics and effects, the major challenges of dealing with it, contributing factors that cause it, how to distinguish burnout from stress, the common warning signals, and the proven techniques and strategies for the prevention of, coping with, recovering from burnout so that you can move beyond this temporary stage of burnout to live your best possible life.
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